New State Fair Foods 2017: The meta review

mole tamale
Courtesy of the Minnesota State Fair
Tejas Express’ Slow-Roasted Pork Mole Tamale

Giant egg roll on a stick, pizzarito, or both?

To save you time as you battle crowds and weigh your culinary options at the Minnesota State Fair, MinnPost compiled a roundup of what Twin Cities food critics thought of this year’s newest, greasiest and most original fair fare, based on news stories and tweets.

Here’s what Heavy Table, the Star Tribune’s Rick Nelson, City Pages, Mpls.St.Paul Magazine and WCCO’s Jason DeRusha thought:

(Please note, these are MinnPosters’ interpretations of stories and tweets, which weren’t always a straight thumbs-up or thumbs-down.)

FoodHeavy TableStar TribuneCity PagesMpls.St.PaulJason DeRusha
Slow-Roasted Pork Mole Tamale — Tejas ExpressPositivePositivePositivePositive Positive
Sonora Sausage — Sausage Sister and MePositivePositivePositiveNeutral
Breakfast Bake — Wild Bill'sPositivePositiveMixedPositive
Pie’n the Sky Malt — Dairy Goodness Bar in the Dairy BuildingMixedPositivePositiveNeutral Positive
Giant Egg Roll on a Stick — Que VietPositiveNegativePositivePositive Positive
Garlic Cream Cheese Wontons — Que VietPositiveNeutralPositive
Pecan Marble Sundae — BridgemansPositivePositive
Duck Bacon Wontons — GigglesPositivePositiveNegativePositive Positive
Vietnamese Iced Cold Press Coffee — Que VietPositivePositive
S'moresas — Hot Indian FoodsPositivePositivePositive
Flavored Cheese Curds — Miller’s Negative MixedPositivePositive
Bacon Fluffernutter — The Sandwich ShopPositiveNegativePositivePositive
Deviation Stout Steak Taco Naan — San Felipe TacosPositivePositiveMixedNeutral
S'More Fun Ice Cream — Izzy'sPositivePositive
Swing Dancer Sandwich — Hideaway SpeakeasyPositive PositiveMixed
Italian Bomba Sandwich — Mancini’sPositive PositiveNegativePositivePositive
Waffle Cone — Waffle ConesNegative Positive
Chocolate Popover with Peanut Butter Spread — LuLu’s Public HouseNegative PositivePositiveNegative
Triple Truffle Trotters — Blue BarnPositiveNegativePositive Positive
Sweet Corn Blueberry Eclair — Farmers UnionNegative PositivePositiveNeutral
Hill Country Beef PocketPositiveNeutral
Dill Pickle Beer — GigglesPositiveMixedPositive Positive
Solar Honey Swirl Ice Cream — Minnesota Honey Producers AssociationPositive
Chili Maple Bacon Donut — Farmers UnionPositiveNeutral
Triple Truffle Trotters — The Blue BarnMixedPositiveNegativePositive
Pizzarito — Green MillPositive PositiveNegativePositive
Maple Cream Nitro Cold Press Coffee — Farmers UnionNegativeNeutralPositivePositive
Strawberry Bubble Tea — Que VietPositive
Double Dose of Pork Belly — RC's BBQPositive NeutralPositivePositive Positive
S'mores Ice Cream — Hamline Church Dining HallPositivePositive
Cranberry Wild Rice Meatballs — Hamline Church Dining HallNeutralPositivePositive
Spicy Thai Noodles — Oodles of NoodlesPositiveNeutralNegativePositive
Brown Ale and Onion-Gouda Pie — Sarah's Tipsy PiesNegative PositiveNegativeNeutral
Bowl o’ Dough — Blue Moon Dine-In TheaterNegative NeutralMixedNeutral
Fall Guy Breakfast Panini — Hideaway SpeakeasyPositiveNegativeNeutral
Breakfast Buddy Bowl — Lulu's Public HousePositiveNegativeNeutral
Hefeweizen Gelato — Mancini’s al FrescoNeutral
Mini Sconuts — French Meadow Bakery and CafeMixedNegativePositivePositive
Cherry Bombs — Vegie FriesNegative MixedMixedNegative
Polish Corn DogNeutralPositive
Thai Rolled Ice Cream — Rainbow Ice CreamNeutralPositive
Blazin' Deep-fried Green OlivesNeutralNeutral
Capone's Caprese — HideawayNeutral
Cheesy Nacho Corn on the Cob — Texas StakeoutNegative NeutralMixedNegative
Mobster Caviar — Hideaway SpeakeasyPositiveNegativeNegativeNegative
Sweeties Churros — Potato Man and SweetyNegativeMixedMixedNeutral
Bacon Up Pup — Granny’s Kitchen Fudge PuppiesNegative MixedNegativeNegative
Swine and Spuds — Swine and SpudsNegative NegativeNegativeNegative
Honey Puffs (Loukamades) — Dino’s GyrosMixedNegativeNegativeNeutral Negative
Deep-Fried Avocado — O’Gara’sMixed NegativeNegativeNegative
Memphis Totchos — Snack HouseNegativeNegativeNegativeNegative
Turkey Ribs — Turkey to GoPositive

Correction: This piece has been corrected to accurately reflect Star Tribune critic Rick Nelson’s characterization of Giant Egg Rolls On A Stick. He referred to them as “Gut Bombs.”

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