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Minnesota State Fair T-Shirt Bingo, 2018 edition

Once again, a survey of the T-shirts of the State Fair in 2018 reveals all kinds of cultural preoccupations cutting across demographics (sports, guns and rosé!), with an election year sprinkling of gubernatorial and congressional candidate representation.

As in years past, the outline of the state of Minnesota acts as a FREE space in the center of the card. You will see a T-shirt with the state of Minnesota on it within two minutes of stepping foot onto the fairgrounds. As always, this card been specially created to reflect this year’s T-shirt trends at the fair, based on careful and painstaking onsite research over several hours. It was kind of chilly when I went, and the forecast is a little colder than usual for the next few days. So sweatshirts count, too.

Print a card out and take it with you. Each category includes an illustrated example of a specific T-shirt you might see, but your finds may look entirely different. There’s room for interpretation in some categories, but don’t get greedy.

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