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Stuart Pimsler ties up some of ‘The Ends of Love’

Choreographer Stuart Pimsler reminds me about the first time I saw a performance of his “Total Surrender.” “You were, aaahhh, sort of liked it, sort of not,” he says, hemming and hawing in our phone conversation.

Theater takes a big plunge to stage ‘Metamorphosis’

Being the producer at a small theater comes with lots of nagging little details that need to be worked out, from scheduling the theater to getting the rights to the play to making sure you have the right cast for the show. Read more…

Strib: Revenue drop ‘precipitous,’ production costs ‘unfavorable’

After three days of closed door meetings — so closed that the principals had to sign confidentiality agreements — Star Tribune management and labor just issued a joint statement about the discussions.  There’s not a ton new, though some previous the

Prairie writer Will Weaver lives in the fast lane now

Why would a boy want to curl up with a good book when he could drive a stolen car through a major city or punch his buddy in the face for a couple hours, leaving no wounds and no hard feelings?

What’s up with the art and zeitgeist in ZIP code 55408?

You know how when you finally meet your new neighbors — the couple who is on the other side of the fence from you in nearly every aspect — and you learn you have strange connections that go beyond proximity? Read more…

Five nights of hometown jazz, heavy on the singers

Sometimes I play a mental game called (for lack of something punchier) “If I were in New York right now, what jazz would I go see?” I check The New Yorker and club websites and suffer pangs of Big Apple envy.

On arrestees, local media increasingly naming names

On Monday afternoon, Minneapolis police arrested 22-year-old Tyeric Lamar Lessley in the death of a man who’d been shot downtown early that morning. By Monday night, KSTP-Channel 5 had published Lessley’s name.

Anti-bullying curriculum draws criticism and support (video)

Despite opposition from some parents, Minneapolis schools are moving ahead with a pilot curriculum in three elementary schools to fight bullying by focusing on diversity, gender stereotyping and name-calling. By Steve Date

Brave New Workshop at 50: It isn’t easy being witty

In an age of 24/7 news and political blunders, staying fresh and funny is a challenge for satirists. But Brave New Workshop keeps pulling off the one-liners and meeting its bottom line.