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Now hear this, America: ‘The Listening Project’

Born in Philadephia, reared in the Bay Area and schooled by his lifelong addiction to world travel, Twin Cities-based filmmaker Dominic Howes has spent the last 10 years trying to get accustomed to Minnesota winters — and says he’s still trying.

Hate your body? Make it your friend

Contrary to popular opinion, a woman’s body can be her best ally, even in midlife and beyond.
Rather than tuning in to messages of anti-aging mania, how about making friends with your body?

Rural areas unprepared for brain-injured vets

For many returning soldiers, traumatic brain injuries — the most-common
wound suffered in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan — remain encased in
a black box of secrets and science we still don’t understand.Some
injuries are so severe they require skul

Water and Oil mixes it up on St. Paul’s East Side

It’s the kind of stuff you’d find in some highfalutin galleries or museums — skillfully executed landscapes, portraits, nudes and abstracts. But this art doesn’t hang in Minneapolis’ Uptown, either of the downtowns or even in St.

We’re all ears: Documentary deals with corn-based diet

Joining “Super Size Me” and “The Future of Food” in the fast-sprouting subgenre of we-are-what-we-eat documentaries, “King Corn” follows two young Yale grads, Curt Ellis and Ian Cheney, on a journey to discover “how an acre of corn could get from a

Minneapolis teachers want you seeing red

If you go into a Minneapolis school building after dropping off or picking up your kid, check out what teachers are wearing. No, educators have not suddenly become fashion plates.

Even Dickens viewed ‘A Christmas Carol’ as a cash cow

More than 30 years ago, a young literary manager at the Guthrie Theater was handed an assignment to work up an adaptation of the beloved Charles Dickens novella, “A Christmas Carol,” for a short, simple, money-making holiday show.

In her research,

Tales and tails: Kevin Kling brings his gift of gab to print

Some time ago I was on my way to the grocery store when Kevin Kling came on the radio, telling a story about a bunch of drunk guys trying to save a beaver caught in traffic.

When I pulled into a parking space he wasn’t done telling it, so I turned

The curious case of Zach Puchtel and no news coverage

“I’ve had relations with girls from many nations
“I’ve made passes at women of all classes
“And just because you’re gay, I won’t turn you away…
“Sexuality – strong and warm and wild and free
“Sexuality – your laws do not apply to me.”
— Billy