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Arts & Culture

VocalEssence pays tribute to Duke Ellington this month

Starting in 1991, Philip Brunelle and VocalEssence have celebrated Black History Month each year by recognizing African-Americans’ contributions to the fine arts and our cultural heritage.

After Super Tuesday: A reporter’s notebook

As political junkies know, exit polls examine nearly every facet of voter psyche. So why don’t exit results break out sexual preference?

What does Hillary need to do now?

Hillary Rodham Clinton walked away from Super Tuesday with fewer votes than Barack Obama but with more Democratic delegates pledged to her than to Obama.In a house of cards that could fall either way, what does this lone woman candidate need now to

Edward Toussaint gets a saintly award

Few people in life can be compared to a patron saint…or even come close.I didn’t know any, until I met Edward Toussaint Jr., chief judge of the Minnesota Court of Appeals. First appointed to the bench by Gov.

African-American authors contemplate a changing world

With Barack Obama neck and neck with Hillary Rodham Clinton after Super Tuesday, the world is a step closer to becoming a different place, says author Alexs Pate, who is certain that one thing about to change is African-American literature.

‘What Light’: The most populist poetry contest in town

Pity the poets. Theirs is a calling that rarely commands a salary; worse, to get established in the profession, they are often asked to pay others to read their work. If only the dentist operated that way.

MnMon, Strib get their men

The economy may suck, but the relative blizzard of announcements hitting my laptop this morning indicates there are still jobs for journalists out there.As reported here last week, Minnesota Monitor offered Steve Perry the job of editorial director,

Three shows, three evenings, a full dance card

For dance aficionados like me, this coming weekend promises heaven: three professional dance performances — wildly diverse in style, intent, content and production values — on three different stages.

Make your mark for the most memorable musical

Your genial host thought he might have been stepping out of the figurative Verse or Worse comfort zone in issuing the current challenge, which involved Garrison Keillor’s aborted lawsuit.

Strib owners: please buy our headquarters

In a not-exactly shocking development, Strib publisher, chairman and part-owner Chris Harte has told staffers the paper’s downtown real estate — including the iconic 425 Portland Ave.