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Strike up the band: Schubert Club is 125 years old

You would expect an organization that began its life as “The Ladies Musicale” to go quietly about its business. But these days the folks at the Schubert Club feel entitled to make a little noise.

Toe to toe, Twin Cities dance community measures up

Several years ago, Minnesota Public Radio was broadcasting a show on the state of the arts in Minnesota when a guy called in and, quite incredulously, barked, “We’ve got a dance community? I’ve never heard of a dance community here.

Coming to a pump near you

What is this world coming to?
Whatever it is, it’s likely coming to a TV screen near you.
A bank of monitors at the gym or the airport already is no big deal. Same goes for multiple plasma screens above the bar.

Generalissimo Wally gets canned

Come Turkey Day, the Strib will be a Banana Republic no more.
Thanksgiving will mark the last of Kirk Anderson’s “Banana Republic” op-ed strips.

Starting at the Finnish

To keep your fingers limber as another Minnesota winter approaches, MinnPost will hold a writing competition of sorts every two weeks.

Jazz finds steady rhythm and soul in the Twin Cities

Maybe it’s just artsy civic pride, but I’ve heard local jazz enthusiasts boast that there are more live jazz venues per capita in the Twin Cities than anywhere else in the United States.

O brothers, where aren’t thou?

O brothers, where aren’t thou?   
It’s a better-than-average time to be a fan of Joel and Ethan Coen.

School levy bottom line: Pay now or later

Voters who said no to funding referendums in such metro-area districts as Robbinsdale, Elk River, Inver Grove Heights and Prior Lake-Savage may be celebrating what they see as a victory over higher property taxes, but it’s really just a “pay me now