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Arts & Culture

Soth focus: Photographer captures city of daughter’s birth

The large-scale images in “Dog Days, Bogotá,” now on display at the Weinstein Gallery in South Minneapolis, pose innocent and conflicting questions: Have you seen this imperfect world so perfect in its randomness?

Happiness is? Minister A.R. Bernard is latest to explain

What is happiness? Why does it appear to be so elusive and what is the key to making it last? And who, in their right mind, would dare try to answer such questions?

The pursuit of happiness is big business.

Done Roveing

In their great collective wisdom, Verse or Worse readers have made
their decision.

Pared down to perfection: ‘Flying Feet-Percussion Project’

The way Joe Chvala tells the story behind “Flying Feet — The Percussion Project,” he and his dance company wanted to “create a bare-bones show we could tour.”

Bare-bones, in this case, is three people in a show that opens the Hit It!

Now hear this, America: ‘The Listening Project’

Born in Philadephia, reared in the Bay Area and schooled by his lifelong addiction to world travel, Twin Cities-based filmmaker Dominic Howes has spent the last 10 years trying to get accustomed to Minnesota winters — and says he’s still trying.

Hate your body? Make it your friend

Contrary to popular opinion, a woman’s body can be her best ally, even in midlife and beyond.
Rather than tuning in to messages of anti-aging mania, how about making friends with your body?

Rural areas unprepared for brain-injured vets

For many returning soldiers, traumatic brain injuries — the most-common
wound suffered in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan — remain encased in
a black box of secrets and science we still don’t understand.Some
injuries are so severe they require skul

Water and Oil mixes it up on St. Paul’s East Side

It’s the kind of stuff you’d find in some highfalutin galleries or museums — skillfully executed landscapes, portraits, nudes and abstracts. But this art doesn’t hang in Minneapolis’ Uptown, either of the downtowns or even in St.