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Jazz picks: from Maud Hixson to Delfeayo Marsalis

Dear jazz fans: I’m working on a story about drummer Matt Wilson’s Carl Sandburg Project, to be presented at the Minnesota Opera Center next Friday. Wilson tells me about his affinity for the poet and their personal ties.

Minnesota women take their faith into national spotlight

Fast forward to 2010, someplace in New York City. The nation’s faith leaders have been summoned to speak a prophetic word amidst a recent calamity, or the ongoing war in Iraq, or a new report on worsening poverty in the United States.

Mulling over the GOP YouTube debate

  Earlier this year, Republican presidential candidates declined to repeat the Democrats’ YouTube debate experiment, but after succumbing Wednesday, it was hard to remember why.

Zenon at 25: dancing the decades away

As a fledgling dance writer, I cut my teeth on Zenon Dance Company. The metaphor is apt because for 25 years, the jazz- and modern-dance repertory troupe—under the laser-beam direction of Linda Z.

Can an ‘urban’ Uncle Franky’s work in the suburbs?

Are the suburbs infertile ground for so-called “third places,” those social surroundings separate from the two usual environments — home and the workplace — where people gather to enjoy the pleasures of good company and lively conversation?
Or do t

When less is more: the not-so-big life

In a culture that worships bigger and better, Sarah Susanka found the nerve to disagree.
A spacious home isn’t the ultimate, she wrote in “The Not So Big House.” Better is a scaled-back but carefully planned space that works effectively for you.

Media critic Lambert leaving the Rake for Mpls.St.Paul

Come Monday, the magazine that heralds the 50 Top Plastic Surgeons will also feature the slicing and dicing of Brian Lambert.
Lambert, the dean of online media critics (he’s been doing it since December 2006), is moving from The Rake to Mpls.St.Pau

Music appreciation, 21st century-style

One of my former colleagues was fond of saying, “Classical music isn’t for everyone but it’s for anyone.”
By that he meant, classical music may not be to everyone’s taste but it can appeal to anyone who chooses to listen, even someone who doesn

Coffee and culture at 25th and Riverside

Just in time for the holiday season, Starbucks has announced it’s launching its first-ever national television adverting campaign.