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Alan Palazzolo

Interactive developer
Alan Palazzolo
Alan Palazzolo is an interactive developer at MinnPost focused on open source software, data visualization, and mapping. Before joining MinnPost, he was an inaugural Code for America fellow in 2011. He has also worked in the nonprofit and NGO sectors, both at home and abroad for more than 7 years. He is an active contributor to the Drupal community and other open source projects, and he is a firm believer that open source is more than just a software methodology.

Articles by this author:

Data & Maps

Mapping invasive species in Minnesota

Explore an interactive map of invasive species throughout the state of Minnesota.

Nice Ride Map
Data & Maps

A day in the life of Nice Ride bikes

For Twin Cities Bike Walk Week, we've animated a day in the life of Nice Ride bikes around the cities.

Filing map
Data & Maps

Interactive: Who's running for the Minnesota Legislature

After Tuesday's filing deadline, find out who is running for the Legislature in each Senate and House district.

Data & Maps

The 2012 Legislative session: What did they pass?

Explore bills by category, investigate which bills Gov. Dayton vetoed, and search by your legislators.

Vikings stadium vote in the Minnesota House
Data & Maps

House Stadium bill: How they voted

See how each member of the Minnesota House of Representatives voted on the Vikings stadium bill.

FEC map
Data & Maps

Visualizing presidential campaign contributions throughout Minnesota

Find out which candidates the donors in your ZIP code supported.

Dollars by Tracy O
Data & Maps

Minnesota presidential campaign contributions in first quarter

Search through Minnesota's top contributors to presidential campaigns in the first quarter of 2012.

District map
Data & Maps

After redistricting, which legislative districts are vulnerable in 2012 election?

Explore the political leaning of the new Minnesota legislative districts, and discover which districts may be vulnerable in the upcoming election.