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A poet hooked on rhyme, reason and recycling

By Brian Voerding | Friday, Oct. 24, 2008
Is Larry Schug a poet who coordinates recycling, or a recycling coordinator who writes poetry? To Schug, that’s not a fair question. Or even a question at all. He is, well, who he is.

Prof to law schools: Get beyond books and into the real world

Med-school students stick IVs into patients’ arms, operate on lifelike dummies. Psychology grad students sit in on client sessions. Developing actors memorize lines and produce plays; budding musicians rehearse and perform concerts.

Your water: Via tap or bottle, it may well be municipal

If you live in Minneapolis, you probably smelled something funny in your tap water weeks before you heard the news. My water (I live in southwest Minneapolis) didn’t smell, but starting in early July, it acquired a vaguely earthy taste.

Political activism leads to self-discovery — and teaching

As a high-school student in Shoreview, Mitra Jalali wasn’t much of an activist. She had potential, she figured, but struggled to step up in such a structured environment. Read more…
By Brian Voerding

Suit against dairy still seen as a rare, extreme step

When the state late last week sued a northwestern Minnesota dairy for air pollution, it initially seemed something larger, a warning shot fired at other smelly feedlots across the state. Manage the odor problems or prepare for a lawsuit.