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Kate Nordstrum’s brave new music

Kate Nordstrum is teaming up with the SPCO to present a new series that explores the space between indie-experimental and concert-hall classical.

Dawn Upshaw: new muse for SPCO musicians?

When the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra announced 18 months ago that soprano Dawn Upshaw had signed on as one of its “artistic partners,” I got pretty excited.

MacPhail steps in as districts march to different drummer

Even though the music school he heads is a century old, David O’Fallon thinks the MacPhail Center’s mission is well-attuned to the times.

“We’re seeing changes in education,” he says. “The old model of education is sort of the industrial model.

Music appreciation, 21st century-style

One of my former colleagues was fond of saying, “Classical music isn’t for everyone but it’s for anyone.”
By that he meant, classical music may not be to everyone’s taste but it can appeal to anyone who chooses to listen, even someone who doesn