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Erin Cunningham

Articles by this author:

Protests mount in Algeria

A series of reforms convinced Algerians to end their protests during the Arab Spring, but economic hardship and corruption are prompting people onto the streets again.

Gaza: The roots of conflict

For the residents of war-torn Gaza, this battle is just one in a series that will not end until Israel’s occupation of the West Bank does.

Trapped in Gaza

Gaza residents, held captive by a blockade, say nowhere is safe as Israel’s punishing offensive continues.

With Morsi, the Arab Spring takes the podium

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi is expected to use his speech at the United Nations General Assembly to further restore Egypt’s status as a global player and to distance himself from the pro-US policies of Hosni Mubarak.

Egypt joins the debate over Syria

Syria’s conflict, already beset by meddling from foreign powers like Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and others, appears to have garnered yet another external player.