G.R. Anderson Jr.

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Q-and-A with Kurt Zellers: He’s all business

Kurt Zellers means business. At least that’s what emerges when you talk to the new Republican minority leader for the Minnesota House.

Download decision: Its meaning for music industry and consumers

Mick Spence, a local entertainment and copyright attorney, took in every second of the trial of a Brainerd woman who downloaded and shared songs on Kazaa. Spence assesses the jury’s decision to award the music industry $1.92 million in damages.

Primer on unallotment: How it works and why it’s done

While the practice of rescinding legislative funding that has been approved is rare, Gov. Tim Pawlenty has vowed to use his powers of unallotment to balance the state’s budget. Here’s a primer on unallotment and a look at its implications.

Bruininks spells out coming hard times at U

Hard times are coming to higher education as some $190 million in cuts look likely this legislative session. University of Minnesota President Robert Bruininks spelled out exactly what that might mean.

House GOPers: Governor’s not bluffing

Thursday’s announcement by Gov. Tim Pawlenty that there would be no special legislative session in St.

Mayor Rybak’s Nixon moment: 10 days in China

Well, not really a Nixon moment, but Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak is leaving Sunday for wide-ranging travel in China. The trip is meant to boost tourism and economic development and forge relations with a sister city.