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Jeff Severns Guntzel

Jeff Severns Guntzel focused on investigative and data-driven projects, as well as engaging readers for other reporting efforts, as idea generators, sources and content contributors. He was a senior editor at the Utne Reader and has reported from the Middle East and elsewhere for the National Catholic Reporter. he has also covered political and cultural developments from Minneapolis as a staff writer for Village Voice Media.

Articles by this author:

bachmann portrait
Data & Maps

Michele Bachmann's political timeline

A look back at Bachmann's personal and political history.

Data & Maps

Minneapolis residents living below the poverty line

The Minneapolis neighborhoods on this map are shaded according to the percentage of residents estimated to be living below the poverty line.

Data & Maps

Contributions to Barack Obama by ZIP code

It probably wouldn't surprise you that contributors in the metro area have given the most money to the re-election campaign of Barack Obama.

Data & Maps

Minnesota's Failed Banks

The Minnesota Department of Commerce keeps a watch list of problem banks in Minnesota. Just over 36 percent of Minnesota's FDIC-insured banks were on that list in September.

Data & Maps

Minnesota Exports to Europe in 2011

Minnesota exports to the EU totalled close to $4 billion in 2010, or close to 22 percent of the state's total exports.