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Petraeus: ‘Burn a Koran Day’ endangers troops

The United States’ top commander in Afghanistan has warned that a planned Koran-burning event in Florida could put U.S. troops in danger.

In Taiwan, reinterpreting Europe’s master painters

TAIPEI, Taiwan — About seven years ago, when he was just 21 years old, Taiwan painter Lee Cheng-dao and his father — also an accomplished painter — took a trip to the famous Louvre Museum in Paris.
Lee had embarked on a painting career, and his f

China flood and oil-spill response improves. Prevention? Not so much.

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — A string of disasters in China has highlighted the government’s improved crisis response, but also the many challenges facing Beijing as it seeks to strike a balance between economic growth and protecting the environment.

WikiLeaks fallout: U.S., UK, India criticize Pakistan as terror haven

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — Pakistan’s top spy agency is coming under increased pressure over its alleged links to and sponsorship of terrorists and Taliban insurgents, as the fallout continues from Sunday’s leak of tens of thousands of documents on the war in

Iran is joined by Russia in condemning EU sanctions

Russia joined Iran in condemning new sanctions the European Union imposed Monday to curtail Tehran’s nuclear ambitions.
In a statement today, Russia said the EU’s use of sanctions not approved by the UN Security Council is “unacceptable,” Reuters r

Taipei dogs take to the cat walk (and treadmill)

TAIPEI, Taiwan — She put her finger out for a dab of purple dye, her white terrier thrown over her right shoulder. Then, hesitatingly, she ran her finger over her dog’s fuzzy tail, streaking it with color.