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Soap Factory puts on an art sale for these lean times

A hundred dollars doesn’t go as far as it used to these days.  With gas prices at record highs, you’d by lucky if a crispy new Ben Franklin got you a squinty-eyed glimpse of the Jesse James statue in St. Joseph, Mo.

Art fairs paint the town in uncertain economic landscape

If you ask local artist Steve Tomashek why he does it, why he painstakingly cuts away wood to reveal a mouse so minute it could make a penny its nest, or why he carves mini menageries that could float on Froot Loops, he’d say it’s because he’s obses

Bush Foundation announces its $100,000 and $50,000 grant recipients

When Janel Jacobson received the phone call that she was one of three $100,000 recipients of the Bush Foundation’s Enduring Vision Artist Awards, the Minnesota artist was in the midst of baking more than 3,000 cookies for the Minnesota Potter’s Tour

Art-A-Whirl: so many worthy exhibits, so little time

Trying to pick the best of the Northeast Minneapolis Artists Association’s Art-A-Whirl is sort of like trying to pin the tail on a donkey in a rainstorm after two too many. Read more… By Molly Priesmeye

Exhibit at Rosalux focuses on the concept of change

If “subprime” was 2007’s word of the year, then “change” is the word for early 2008. There’s climate change. Attitude change. And candidates who say they’re agents of change.