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Simeon Tegel

Articles by this author:

Chile leans left again

Analysis: Michelle Bachelet is widely expected to return to the presidency, marking an alternate leftward route from the fiery populism of some other South American leaders.

In Peru, a tale of two presidents

Even in Latin America, where graft is endemic, two more allegedly corrupt ex-presidents would mark a new low. No wonder nearly half of Peruvians consider corruption one of the country’s top problems.

Brazil-US: What’s at stake?

Analysis: From Boeing fighter jets to big oil fields, plenty’s left sitting on the table after Brazil and the United States called off their White House dinner.

Gay in Belize? You’re breaking the law. Still.

A vestige of British colonial times, Belize’s anti-sodomy law punishes gay sex with up to 10 years in prison. Its Supreme Court is due to rule whether to scrap the law, but Belize’s religious right — backed by a Texas missionary — is pushing to uphold it.

Peru: Counterfeit currency king

South America’s cocaine giant is also the best at fabricating phony dollar bills. The US Secret Service is working with Peruvian police to stop it.

Peru: Why Fujimori needs to watch his tongue

Relatives of Peru’s imprisoned ex-president, Alberto Fujimori, have pushed for a pardon on questionable claims of ill health. Now it’s up to the current leader, Humala, who once revolted against him.