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Heard any good sermons lately?

The old saying about preachers is that they work only one hour a week. That’s the one hour preaching on Sunday morning. Read more… By Steve Scott 

‘Irreligious’ Prague still turns Easter into two-week fest

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC — A huge juxtaposition exists on the streets of Eastern Europe. Monumental churches stand guard at every other corner, yet relatively few Europeans regularly attend church. Read more… By Steve Scott 

Synagogue memorial brings home horrors of Holocaust

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC — Sixty-nine years ago come this Saturday morning, Nazi troops rolled into Prague. Nearly 120,000 Jews lived here then. Within five years, 77,297 of them were dead. Others had fled. Only 10,000 ever returned to Prague alive.

Faith grounds believers while the heavens go wild

The universe was unusually active Wednesday. The Atlantis space shuttle penetrated the Earth’s atmosphere with rapid-fire sonic booms and screamed in for a landing at Cape Canaveral. U.S.

Mexican Christians add to the vocabulary of Christmas

Pick a word that means Christmas. Not tree, mall, wrapping or debt. Something along the lines of virgin, manger or swaddling clothes. OK, swaddling clothes is two words, and you can’t find swaddling clothes at babyGap anyway.