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Tom Nehil

Tom Nehil is MinnPost's news editor. 

Articles by this author:

Politics & Policy

2018 Campaign Finance Dashboard

See the latest fundraising totals for governor, U.S. Senate and U.S. House.

Politics & Policy

Who’s running for the Minnesota House in 2018

See who’s filed to run for the Legislature, along with past election results.

Election results dashboard
Data & Maps

2017 Election Results Dashboard

Search for election results in your area and follow live updates.

Minnesota Election 2018: Who’s running
Politics & Policy

Minnesota Election 2018: Who’s running

A running list of declared candidates for statewide and federal offices.

Politics & Policy

With all three budget proposals out, the stage is set for the Legislature’s biggest battle

We did our best to do a fair comparison of the plans, based on publicly available information.