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Tom Nehil

Articles by this author:

MN Blog Cabin Roundup 4/15

Special prosecutors for police shootings; a greener move than a plastic bag ban; the problem of traffic enforcement; and more.

MN Blog Cabin Roundup 4/8

Ways to make progress on racial equity; in defense of ‘unlustrous’ Bloomington; Bernie needs to give Democrats one final parting gift; and more.

MN Blog Cabin Roundup 4/1

Five anthropological certainties of the Minnesota Legislature; funding question in extending Northstar; more than one story from St. Paul Public Schools; and more.

MN Blog Cabin Roundup 3/25

What happened at the Black Lives Matter protest; Obama visits Cuba; private prisons in Minnesota; and more.

MN Blog Cabin Roundup 3/18

Dayton’s supplemental budget proposal; another salvo in the tax flight debate; a euchre tournament; and an early iris bloom.

MN Blog Cabin Roundup 3/11

Sen. Klobuchar and GMO labeling; how an unpopular legislature might win re-election; questions about Cano ethics complaint; and more.

MN Blog Cabin Roundup 3/4

Comparing costs of local government; wage theft in Minnesota; parking at the proposed St. Paul soccer stadium, explained; and more.

MN Blog Cabin Roundup 2/26

Bernie Sanders and black voters; the right way to explain democratic socialism; transit-oriented sprawl; and a tribute to strong TV women.

MN Blog Cabin Roundup 2/19

Minneapolis as the next big food city; a history of downzoning; a critique of the House GOP’s transportation plan; and more.

MN Blog Cabin Roundup 2/12

Minnesota’s most basic support for families; five things about youth with an incarcerated parent; The new Homestead Property Tax Burden Report; and more.

MN Blog Cabin Roundup 1/29

Five light rail lessons for the Riverview Corridor; Caucuses: Democracy of, for and by the extroverts; and more.

MN Blog Cabin Roundup 1/15

Preserving a relic of racism; what recycling looks like; characters from the not-so-new west; and the sunny side of winter.

MN Blog Cabin Roundup 12/18

In solidarity with Muslim Americans; gone off the rails with the Second Amendment; Minnesota’s self reliance; and more.

MN Blog Cabin Roundup 12/11

The home of the brave has gotten irrationally fearful; education bill helped by Kline retirement; let’s call a “Merry Christmas” truce; and more.