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Do book clubs use e-readers?

I am curious about the extent to which book clubs use Kindles or other e-readers.

I know that many online book clubs download e-books (there are even virtual Kindle Book Clubs). But I’m interested in whether face-to-face book groups have embraced the e-reader innovation.

There are no figures available on the use of portable reading devices in book clubs. From my personal observation, it seems that they are not very popular among book clubbers.

Statistically, most book club members belong to the middle or upper-middle class and could afford to purchase e-readers if they desired.

Yet, of the dozens of book clubs I have interviewed in the past few months, only one club mentioned anyone using Kindle. In this all-female west metro club, most members buy paperbacks, but two women occasionally download available titles to their Kindles and bring them to meetings.

Book clubbers, if you use Kindle or other e-readers, how does it change the experience? Has anyone heard of an in-person Minnesota book club that’s entirely paper-free?

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