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A Sunday without football — meet Jim Klobuchar at the Book Club Blast

Jim Klobuchar writes about the Vikings for MinnPost. Come meet a Minnesota legend. 

MinnPost: Tell us about your recent book release.

Jim Klobuchar: “Always on Sunday” (Nodin Press) tracks the transformation of pro football from the 60s and 70s of black-and-white TV and $9,000 salaries to the round-the-calendar colossus it is today.

Of course, special attention is given to the continuing sagas of the Minneapolis Vikings.

The book includes Bud Grant’s ideas of how the game should be changed in a perfect world.

MP: Which writers or works have been the strongest influences on your own writing?  

JK: Arthur Conan Doyle and James Ramsey Ullman.

MP: What do you love most about living in Minnesota?

JK: For me, Minnesota is the lakes and woods of home, a place where you can hear the call of the wolf a few hundred miles from the glass palaces of the urban metropolis.

It is the embodiment of the immigrant ethic — first the farmers of Scandinavia, then the miners from the Balkans, now the faces of hope from Asia and Latin America, each enriching the state where I live.

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