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'What they're reading' -- Kaywin Feldman

"What they're reading" appears as an occasional series in MinnPost's Book Club Club section. We're asking well-known and not-so-well-known Minnesotans to tell us about the books they're reading and recommending to others — and why. In today’s installment, we hear from Kaywin Feldman, Director & President of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

I am currently half-way through the book "Michelangelo: A Tormented Life" by Antonio Forcellino. There are two new Michelangelo biographies out right now and my husband read them back-to-back. He says Forcellino's is the better of the two. You can never read too many books about an artist like Michelangelo.

A few months ago I read "Wolf Hall" by Hilary Mantel and cannot stop recommending it or thinking about it. I don't get to read a lot of fiction, but when I do, I try to read most of the Man Booker prize winners (Wolf Hall won in 2009). The book is set in the early 16th century and profiles the early career of Thomas Cromwell. It is one of the best pieces of historical fiction that I have ever read. Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, Thomas Moore, and Jane Seymour all make repeated appearances through the pages, so what could make for a better read? I heard that Mantel will be publishing a sequel, so there is much to look forward to (unless you are Anne Boleyn, that is).

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