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‘What they’re reading’ — journalist Roxane Battle

“What they’re reading” appears as an occasional series in MinnPost’s Book Club Club section. We’re asking well-known and not-so-well-known Minnesotans to tell us about the books they’re reading and recommending to others — and why. In today’s installment, we hear from long-time Twin Cities journalist Roxane Battle. Formerly a television news anchor for KARE-TV, Battle currently hosts “The Goods” on WCCO-TV, produces faith-based television programs and occasionally reports for MinnPost.

I’m afraid I’m not a very big reader of novels. I spend the bulk of my reading time on current events — journals, newspapers, magazine articles, and so forth.

My night stand is filled with issues of Fortune and Entrepreneur — as well as “The Complete History of Our Presidents” [by Michael Weber, Richard Steins and Eileen Lucas] — a tome thicker than a phone book. 

One of my favorite bits of reading material is actually the in-flight magazine on Delta Air Lines… pathetic, I know.

Sadly, I’m a rabid researcher and find very little time for fiction.

One book I did read recently was “Just Who Will You Be” by Maria Shriver. I read it cover to cover in one sitting.

Shriver chronicled her personal re-discovery on her journey from NBC TV personality to governor’s wife. You need know very little about me to see why I found it intriguing.

I have recommended Shriver’s book to countless people because of emphasis on finding one’s true identity and self-worth.

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