Auction to name a character in Julie Kramer’s next thriller is now over

When Julie Kramer‘s fourth novel comes out next summer, look for a character named Barbara Avise.

Keith Avise made the high bid of $500 for the right to name a character after his wife. He gave MinnPost permission to reveal Barb’s name even though the gift will be a surprise. 

“If your article will appear only in MinnPost you can go ahead — she doesn’t read online. She’s a stroke survivor and I’m her caregiver and she’s a big-time reader and loves mysteries. I thought she would really get a kick out of this and I do read MinnPost daily and thought it would be a good way to support it.”

Keith and Barb live near River Falls, Wisconsin and have many Minnesota connections. They ran performance driving schools for the BMW car club at the Brainerd track for several years and Keith edited the North Star chapter newsletter.

Now retired, they enjoy relaxing at home, traveling in their ’06 Winnebago View and blogging about their travels.

Sincere thanks to Keith and the other bidders, and of course to Julie, author of best-selling novels “Stalking Susan,” “Missing Mark” and “Silencing Sam.”A MinnPoster by marriage — to reporter Joe Kimball — Julie also donated a character-naming last December when she was writing “Silencing Sam.”

Happy holidays to all.

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