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Only one week left to enter ‘Killing Kate’ book giveaway

Friday, Sept. 2, 2011 is the deadline for new Book Club Club sign-ups to enter win a hardcover copy of Julie Kramer’s latest thriller, “Killing Kate.”

“Snappy repartee, tauntingly written, drum tight in its execution.”
— New York Times best-selling author Steve Berry

"Killing Kate" by Julie Kramer

Not all angels are divine…

In “Killing Kate” (Atria Books), a murderer striking across the Midwest is drawing angel-shaped chalk outlines around the bodies of his victims.

As TV reporter Riley Spartz discovers a serial killer drawing chalk outlines shaped like angels around the bodies of his victims, she unearths an eerie legend dating back nearly a century.

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Tracking clues to an Iowa cemetery, Riley finds an infamous Black Angel monument that may be connected to the string of homicides throughout the Midwest.

Beautiful but haunting — both because of its strange posture (wings and head facing downward instead of tilted up toward heaven) and its mysterious change in color from golden bronze to gruesome black, this “Angel of Death” is steeped in local superstition.

Now, Riley is up against a delusional young man who believes the statue is urging him to kill.

The local police are convinced the killer has left their territory and Riley’s boss is convinced viewers are tired of hearing about so much crime, but a personal connection with the latest victim makes Riley determined to solve the case.

Riley also gets the scoop on a petty criminal offender, who becomes incensed. Is he now stalking Riley? Or has the “angel killer” put Channel 3’s top investigator on his hit list?

When she meets a mysterious stranger, Riley must decide whether he is her guardian angel or an angel of death. The answer doesn’t come until a graveyard confrontation where the dead are the only witnesses.

Julie Kramer next to Mario Korbel's "Black Angel" statue in Oakland Cemetery, Iowa City.
Joe Kimball
Julie Kramer next to Mario Korbel’s “Black Angel” statue in Oakland Cemetery, Iowa City.

Award-winning Minnesota author Julie Kramer continues weaving real life into fiction with “Killing Kate,” the fourth novel in her best-selling mystery series (“Stalking Susan,” “Missing Mark,” “Silencing Sam”).

“Iowa’s Black Angel is so rich in superstition, I couldn’t resist making it the center of fresh controversy,” Kramer says. ” ‘Killing Kate’ is a little scarier than my other books,” she warns. “I was even scared writing it.”

MinnPost, in conjunction with Atria Books, is giving away five hardcover copies of “Killing Kate” to new BCC members! 

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To enter to win, register your book club with BCC by 5 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 2. Individuals can enter to win by signing up to receive the BCC newsletter (tick the box next to “Book Club Club e-mail newsletter”). 

Once you have registered your club or signed up to receive newsletters, please email Book Club Club with your full name, email address and a mailing address where book prizes can be sent.