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Coleman donor lawsuit: It’s back on!

Ken Silverstein, the Harper’s Magazine journalist who brought you “Suitgate,” says a lawsuit against a prominent Norm Coleman donor has been refiled.

Among other allegations, the lawsuit alleges Coleman benefactor Nasser Kazeminy funneled $75,000 to Laurie Coleman via Deep Marine Technologies.

The suit was filed Monday, withdrawn Tuesday and now has been refiled, Silverstein reports after a conversation with plaintiff’s attorney Casey Wallace. (Update: Minnesota Indepedent’s Paul Demko is reporting the same thing.)

Wallace tells Silverstein they withdrew the suit as a good-faith gesture during settlement negotations, but those broke down and thus the refiling.

Wallace notes his client, Deep Marine Technologies exec Paul McKim, doesn’t allege wrongdoing by Coleman. However, he says the cash-shift allegations are backed up with “specifics” and documents.

Will the re-filing propel the story into the daily papers, MPR, and local TV? Keep watching.

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