New York Times presidential endorsements through the ages

It’s shaping up to be a light blogging day, mostly because I was up late working on the piece about the Strib neutering its news columnists on matters political. I also have other actual reporting work to complete, though I’m never sure if publishing Friday afternoon or waiting until Monday morning makes much sense.

However, one thing caught my eye this a.m.: a wonderfully laid-out New York Times web feature on their presidential endorsements, going back to the 1860 anointment of Abraham Lincoln.

It will shock few that the Times has endorsed only Democrats since 1960, but I was fascinated by the paper’s 1940 endorsement of Wendell Willkie over FDR.

The paper didn’t like a third term, but the most interesting section is their castigation of Roosevelt for doubling the national debt in seven years and embarking on a pandering silver standard that “leads over the hills to the poorhouse.”

It’s also fun to see a Republican presidential candidate referred to as a “practical liberal.”

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