Now, Strib will go the no-endorsement route

WCCO-TV’s Jason DeRusha has a media-world scoop on his blog just now: on Tuesday, the Strib will go “no endorsement” in a key Minnesota U.S. House race. (The PiPress did this, to some derision, for the presidential contest.)

DeRusha — whom you must all now watch at 10 p.m. —notes the Strib is scheduled to tackle the Third District (Madia-Paulsen) and the Sixth District (Bachmann-Tinklenberg).

So far, my betting on Strib endorsements is pretty good, so I’ll say they take a pass on Madia-Paulsen.

If they throw their hands up on Bachmann-Tinklenberg, it will be a very big web-traffic day for all of us.

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