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The NRSC’s Coleman-backing ‘rape comic’

A particularly odious mailer allegedly from the National Republican Senatorial makes a cartoon book out of their Al Franken attacks — including “so-called comedy routines about raping women.”

One local is relieved to intercept the missive — with a front page saying “Come on in kids!” — before the family’s 6-year-old or 3-year-old got to it.

Check out the entire book here and judge whether you find it authentic. And then head on over to MnSpeak to talk about it — hat tip to Max for pointing out the original Americablog posting.

Technically, the NRSC expense is independent of the Coleman campaign — how fast will he disavow? — but it’s worth knowing: this is the group Norm Coleman wants to lead if re-elected.

I’m sure this is the sort of thoughtful bipartisanship the Star Tribune must’ve had in mind when they endorsed Coleman. Would a 2010 Norm “have standing to tug his own party in a less rigid direction” and use it to stop slime like this?

[Immediate update: The NRSC’s junk ought to knock the stuffing out of another Norm statement trying to spread the “positive campaign” message.]

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