Rochester Post-Bulletin picks Walz

Overshadowed by the Bachmann-Tinklenberg and Madia-Paulsen races, the Tim Walz vs. Brian Davis match in the First Congressional District has been a fascinating fight between lunchbucket DFLer and loyally conservative Republican.

This morning, the Rochester Post-Bulletin picked Walz, and you’ll see this in a DFL mailing soon:

The Post-Bulletin endorses Tim Walz for a second term in the First District, because after less than 22 months in office, we’re impressed by his level of involvement in significant, meaningful legislation. … And ultimately, when Walz says he understands and appreciates the concerns of the struggling middle class, we believe him. He’s one of us — a hard-working Minnesotan who’s served his country, taught young people and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, both literally and figuratively.

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