St. Cloud Times endorses Tinklenberg

Michele Bachmann will probably do as well with editorial boards as Al Franken (ouch!); this morning, the Sixth District’s highly influential St. Cloud Times endosed El Tinklenberg.

Of course, the editorial notes “anti-America” and its 2007 predecessor, “The Iraq State of Islam.” But the most interesting part tags the hyperpartisan as, of all things, a flip-flopper:

As for her positions, those even seem to be changing of late. When we asked Tuesday about what should happen next in the financial crisis, she talked of providing stricter oversight. That sounds very contradictory to her comments early this month about “hyper-regulation” as a cause of the crisis and statements alluding to less, not more, oversight.

We asked about Iraq. She said she sees the U.S. role concluding there soon now that Iraq has a stable government and cash reserves. That is almost the polar opposite of her position since elected.

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