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Strib workers buy a better mousetrap

At least they’re not calling management rats: the Strib’s union finds a chemical-free way to combat a rodent infestation.
By David Brauer

I try not to write about every little thing at the Star Tribune — really! But today’s tidbit is just too good to pass up — and no jokes about sinking ships, please.

Late last month, the Strib’s Building Services Department sent out a memo warning the staff that “with fall’s arrival, we’ve gotten reports of increased mice activity on the 1st and 3rd floors of the building.”

Management — which cut back janitor hours last year amid a budget crunch — promised more visits from the pest control folks.

But never let it be said that labor is unwilling to be part of the solution. Today, Newspaper Guild co-chairs Graydon Royce and David Chanen announced a new chemical-free front in the war on rodents:

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“Reports of mice dancing through a newsroom is a bit of an unpleasant thought. So your full service Guild has purchased a bunch of mousetraps. Always looking for new members, you will notice a picture of a mouse on the mousetrap followed by the words, ‘Trapped by the Guild.’ Feel free to pick one up at the desk of Graydon Royce or David Chanen. Don’t worry. We didn’t break the bank on this one. …”

Trust me, I have a post about actual journalism coming up in just a moment …