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Washington Post on Coleman/Franken race

The big national guys are finding new interest in Minnesota’s U.S. Senate race now that Al Franken leads in the polls.

Latest entry: the Washington Post.

On the whole, a good piece for Franken — it’s like that for front-runners, even nominal, may-not-last ones. A couple of tidbits:

Officials at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, fearful of a union-friendly Democratic Senate, have dubbed the race “ground zero” in the effort to stop a 60-seat majority. The chamber and its affiliates have spent more than $3 million on ads designed to scare voters about Franken and Democrats, according to sources on both sides.

Franken’s anti-bailout position is also portrayed as a strength:

In conservative Glencoe, the type of town where Republicans need to do well to offset Democratic strength in cities, Coleman faced heated questions about the bailout. “If I lose this race, it’s because of the American economy and voting for a rescue package,” he said afterward.

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