Coleman-Franken: unlikely to be closest Senate race ever

New Hampshire, 1974: a 355-vote GOP win turns into a 10-vote Democratic recount triumph turns into a two-vote Republican win.

And then the U.S. Senate declared the seat vacant and ordered a special election. The Democrat won.

Entertaining reading on the U.S. Senate’s official site.

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  1. Submitted by Annalise Cudahy on 11/06/2008 - 08:48 pm.

    Thank you. A little perspective will help us all get through this without hysteria.

    Wait, it’s Coleman and Franken … well, a minimum of hysteria, at least.

  2. Submitted by Maren McGowan on 11/06/2008 - 09:07 pm.

    Might not be the closest in raw numbers, but I believe it might be when considering percentage of total votes cast. Couldn’t find total number of ’74 NH votes in linked article…

  3. Submitted by Tony Wagner on 11/07/2008 - 09:32 am.

    According to the Star Tribune:

    the initial recount results in that New Hampshire race were 110,924 to 110,914. That’s about 222,000 before counting third-party votes. So they probably didn’t even have 10% of the total ballots of our current race (2.9 million).

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