Franken’s turn at false storytelling

Though it’s been a largely all-GOP production so far, the Franken campaign is apparently now pushing false recount-related anecdotes.

Today, the Frankenites held a press conference to explain their push for information about rejected absentee ballots. The idea is that some were valid, and should be included in the recount. But according to Forum Communications’ Don Davis:

A touching story the Franken campaign told at mid-day Thursday about how a Beltrami County women’s stroke-impaired signature led to her ballot being rejected proved flawed.

“We are still investigating,” Franken spokesman Andy Barr said Thursday night, adding that while the woman’s absentee ballot was rejected it was not because of her shaky signature as he reported a few hours earlier.

To its credit — and it’s not much given this major strategic blunder — the Franken forces admitted their mistake quickly. It’s doubtful any DFL surrogates (including gubernatorial ones) will keep pushing a story after it has been debunked.

But Al’s campaign had the advantage of not sliming local election officials, like Norm’s staff and surrogates have. They’ve now blown that perfect record. Get this campaign a muzzle.

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Comments (2)

  1. Submitted by Eric Ferguson on 11/14/2008 - 12:41 am.

    Like you said David, the test will be if Franken partisans keep repeating the story about the stroke victim’s ballot being rejected, just like Fox and Pawlenty keep repeating debunked stories they think help their side.

    However, I still have to ask, what was wrong with the witness’s signature? It seems that when a ballot is rejected, an absentee voter should be informed and given a chance to rectify the problem, just like a voter at the polls gets to do. I recognize the time constraint in normal circumstances, but it seems now that there’s time. I’d rather local canvassing boards were contacting the voters instead of a campaign, but if the boards won’t do it, better a campaign than nobody. I’m guessing since she’s from a county that I understand leans GOP, she probably voted for Coleman, but that’s OK. It’s the principle involved.

    Though I am glad both that Franken’s campaign backed off the story quickly and that you said they did.

  2. Submitted by Ron Gotzman on 11/14/2008 - 09:16 am.


    Great attempt at being “fair and balanced.” You were also mentioned on Fox News last night, but don’t let that get around.

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