Klobuchar’s coming seniority

Just geeking out with some non-recount political numbers here …

Amy Klobuchar currently ranks 96th in U.S. Senate seniority. Yes, fifth from the bottom. The 2008 results so far have eliminated 10 senators head of her (Domenici, Biden, Warner, Craig, Allard, Smith, Hagel, Sununu, Dole, Obama), moving her to 86th.

Assuming Ted Stevens loses — and he trails by 1,000 votes in a canvass, which will grow as final votes are counted — she’ll move to 85th. If Hillary Clinton or John Kerry is named Secretary of State, Klobuchar will be 84th.

If Norm Coleman loses the recount, she’s at 83. If Saxby Chambliss loses Georgia’s runoff, Amy will be our 82nd most senior senator, and 41st most senior Democrat.

That’s a long way from a serious committee chairwomanship, but still a nice little hop.

By the way, if Coleman survives and the Hillary/Kerry scenario comes to pass, Norm moves from 77th to 68th. He’s currently the nation’s most junior senior senator (the one elected earliest from an individual state). Klobuchar will gain that title if Coleman loses the recount.

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  1. Submitted by Ron Gotzman on 11/17/2008 - 09:04 am.

    WOW! Maybe our do nothing senator will be in a position to do less!

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