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KSTP breaks its DonorGate embargo!

After a Saturday of senatorial sparring, KSTP decides to join the rest of the local media world and cover DonorGate.

Saturday morning, I noted KSTP-TV was only major-media local outlet that hadn’t covered DonorGate.

Honor compels me to note they broke their self-imposed embargo Saturday night, after a day’s sparring between a professionally outraged Norm Coleman, a slash-and-burn Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and a somewhat exasperated Al Franken.

Here’s KSTP’s report:

The story embraces the “wife attack” angle a bit too much for my taste, and includes too little of Franken’s denial too late, but these are quibbles, not journalistic malfeasance.

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Glad Stan Hubbard’s station finally recognized this as a legitimate story.