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My recount math, Day 1: Franken closes gap to 172

I calculate Franken netted 43 votes today, using the Secretary of State’s spreadsheets. Check my math and see if you agree!
By David Brauer

I calculate Franken netted 43 votes today. That’s derived by downloading the Secretary of State’s recount spreadsheet here and some simple Excel math.

Feel free to check me and see if you agree. The equation is:

(Coleman recount votes – Coleman canvass votes) – (Franken recount votes – Franken canvass votes) = -43, or a 43-vote Franken pickup.

I ignored columns for “other votes” and for now, all challenges.

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[Update: My friends at the PiPress’ Political Animal say they get the same result. An important reminder: challenges are excluded from these totals, and amount to a major pool of uncertainty. Coleman has challenged 115 ballots today; Franken 106.]