As Nevada goes …

In the not-local, but I’m-a-nerd department …

Today, the Associated Press called Missouri for John McCain, breaking the state’s 12-election streak of siding with the winner, going back to JFK’s 1960 win.

So who’s the nation’s new bellwether? Not a big shocker — Ohio, whose current streak began with LBJ in 1964.

The new runner-up, though, surprised me a bit: Nevada, whose eight-election string started in 1980’s Reagan landslide.

Only one state has as many as four straight (Florida), and just two are threepeaters (Colorado and Virginia).

Minnesota? One in a row.

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Comments (2)

  1. Submitted by steven gray on 11/19/2008 - 06:48 pm.

    It’s “bellwether“, not bellweather.

    David replies: Fixed, with thanks.

  2. Submitted by Mark Gisleson on 11/20/2008 - 09:46 am.

    But regardless of spelling, pluralized the word rhymes with bullfeathers.

    This is numerology for political junkies, just like Dixville Notch is homeopathy for poll watchers.

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