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The New York Times reports how much I make!

Actually, they report MinnPost’s salary range, just one facet of a broader look at web-only news operations nationwide.

It’s a good piece, focusing mostly on Voice of San Diego, which has uncovered many municipal scandals in its three years of operation. On the business side, there are apparently enough of us now to form an association, though I’m pretty sure no one can afford to attend a convention.

Richard Pérez-Peña’s piece notes that local sites haven’t found a sustainable business model, but though a small ray of hope is that there might be enough of us to form a national ad consortium.

The salient doubt: “Some experts question whether a large part of the news business can survive on what is essentially charity, and whether it is wise to lean too heavily on the whims of a few moneyed benefactors.”

By the way, given newest bad news about the Strib’s finances, a VOSD editor nicely sums up how we view the larger picture even as we cover our bigger siblings:

“No one here welcomes the decline of newspapers,” said Andrew Donohue, one of two executive editors at VoiceofSanDiego. “We can’t be the main news source for this city, not for the foreseeable future. We only have 11 people.”

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