Notes from a power breakfast

Just got back from Tunheim Partners Battleground Breakfast, where I briefly entertained people much more powerful than myself. Here are a few tidbits I picked up:

Minnesota House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher says if her caucus holds all its current seats, it will likely get to the magic 90 veto-proof number. She thought that might still be possible with a loss of one or two incumbents. She said there is only a small chance the DFL will lose seats overall.

Democrats I spoke to acknowledged Al Franken’s slide in the polls, dating back to about a week ago. But they claim (and I know them so I can give them the hairy eyeball if they’re wrong) Franken has had an upswing in recent days. The question is whether it will be enough; no one was confident. One bright spot is Franken’s widening recent margins among the young (18-29) and older (over 60).

I heard more than a few folks predict an Ashwin Madia defeat, which suprised me. Again, though, we’re in the realm of insider guesses and no one was betting their house on what they were predicting.

El Tinklenberg’s narrow polling lead is real and consistent, but too close for anyone to feel good.

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  1. Submitted by Bernice Vetsch on 11/04/2008 - 04:13 pm.

    If Ashwin Madia loses, I’d guess it’s because of the truly damaging and truly slimy TV ads that sometimes lied about him and sometimes grossly distorted his positions on issues or his words. Paulson “approved” some of these ads; others were paid for by the Republican Party or other interest groups.

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