Oh great; now the DFL is misusing my DonorGate reporting

Yesterday, I wrote about Republican operatives twisting my reporting on DonorGate. (DonorGate: the lawsuit over Norm Coleman benefactor Nasser Kazimeny’s alleged onpass of funds to the senator’s family via Laurie Coleman’s employer).

Today, it’s the DFL’s turn.

In a press release issued Monday, Democrats leaned on a corrected item I wrote, not noting the correction.

The release references Coleman’s claim that “a copy of these false allegations was delivered in Minnesota in an unmarked envelope to two Minneapolis Star Tribune reporters” and continues:

PROVED WRONG: “Star Tribune managing editor Rene Sanchez confirms his paper did not have a copy of the Texas ‘DonorGate’ lawsuit last week. That contradicts U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman’s statement this morning alleging, ‘Sometime last week, even before this Texas lawsuit was originally filed, a copy of these false allegations was delivered in Minnesota in an unmarked envelope to two Minneapolis Star Tribune reporters.’ Says Sanchez, ‘We did not get a copy of this lawsuit until after it was filed Monday.’ [MinnPost, 10/31/08]

Problem is, I amended that “contradicts” judgment several hours before the DFL emailed its counterattack. Sanchez was speaking only of the lawsuit; the Coleman camp was referencing something different — “a copy” of the “allegations,” not the lawsuit itself.

I suppose the DFL can argue they didn’t see my walk-back, but these folks are on us like hawks, so it’s unlikely.

Just so everyone’s clear, here’s where it stands:

1. The Strib received something before the initial lawsuit was filed Monday, Oct. 27. The material was vague enough that no reporter was seriously working the story beforehand. Calling what was received a “copy of these false allegations” puffs up its completeness and definitiveness.

We don’t know who sent the envelope, and there remains no evidence the Franken campaign was involved; Coleman continues to blatantly distort this point in his ads.

2. The Coleman camp is wrong about the envelope: it wasn’t addressed to any reporter, much less two.

Carry on, everyone, and have a nice Election Day.

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  1. Submitted by David Koski on 11/04/2008 - 02:37 pm.

    My personal speculation of what happened in Donorgate here. And, yes it was that early in the morning:


    Thank you
    David Brauer

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