Pre-recount: Ramsey sample nets Franken 2

The Uptake is reporting Ramsey County’s five-precinct sampling is over, and Al Franken gained two votes.

As noted previously, pre-recount auditing is the one time county officials get to open ballot boxes before the official recount starts. It could give a clue of the recount’s ultimate direction.

Ramsey County has 176 precincts, so if Franken gains two votes in every five, he’d pick up 70 votes from one of the state’s most urban counties. At press time (noonish Monday), he trails by 204 votes; Franken’s two-vote swing isn’t reflected in the number.

Caveat: St. Paul was oversampled in the audit; it accounted for 80 percent of the precincts, but the city only has 58 percent of Ramsey’s precincts overall.

In the single suburban county sampled (Roseville), Franken lost three votes and Coleman one, a net gain of two for Norm.

Other cities that supported Norm by a little or a lot — North Oaks, White Bear, Shoreview, Vadnais, North Oaks, among others — weren’t included. So no one should assume a net gain for Franken until the state, or the courts, does the real re-counting.

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  1. Submitted by Paul Schatz on 11/10/2008 - 02:59 pm.

    From the gadget it looks like Franken lost two (204 this morning vs 206 when you posted this story)

  2. Submitted by Jack Shepard on 11/11/2008 - 02:34 pm.

    Was there a “Shepard Effect”, in the Minnesota US Senate recount” sorry I can not attach radio ad but send me you email and I will send it to you.

    I ran for your interest the weekend and day before the Minnesota US Senate election my political radio ads which could have caused a dramatic recount because of a 2 to 3% drop in votes for Barkley and the Franken increase in 2 to 3% in votes making this a 200 vote recount US Senate election

    Why I think Barkley’s had a 2% drop from 17-18% to 15% making this a 200 vote recount US Senate election.

    We know the 17-18 % for Barkley the polls said dropped to 15% after the election.

    Who or what could have changed or caused that drop down of Barkley of 2 or 3 % and a rise in Franken of 2 or 3% – I would say my ads also and my complete 4 month campaign against Norm Coleman. And the radio ads I ran during the campaign I will send you next email for your interest.

    If Franken’s wins was there a “Shepard Effect” because I, did get almost 9% (more votes in the primary then the entire Independent Party vote >twice Barkley) and in some areas over 10% state-wide with my attacks on Norm Coleman; for voting against the worker of Minnesota, and quoting AFL-CIO Secretary Steve Hunter that Norm Coleman did not stand with the working families of Minnesota but on the e throats of the working families of Minnesota” if the vote count goes up a few points and Franken wins and get elected – at least I would be pushing history a little.

    My web site has changed from the Primary because I wished to be a legal candidate “Write-in” to give me the right to attack Norm Coleman in last days before the election. I played every hour for 5 hours running a series of the same attached ad 5 times on 4 or 5 radio stations my 60 sec. attack ad attached

    Just for your interest every hour for periods of 5 hours in a row on Nov1 and Nov. 3 on WCCO, Jack FM, B96,KDWB etc. the attached ad played – I will send you the other add I played during the elected in next email.

    Jack Shepard, the discussion of this 200 vote difference in the Minnesota U.S. Senate Race and why Barkley’s vote was 2 to 3% below the 17-18% polling taken a few days before I started running my ads on Radio; will be a hot topic nationally for some months and how could it happen.

    I was the only one in Minnesota running ads a “WE ALL KNOW IN OUR HEARTS A VOTE FOR BARKLEY IS A VOTE FOR NORM COLEMAN”- if you see on the Minnesota Secretary of state Web Site I was listed as a legal Write-in candidate but my add did not really say vote for me and as I expected got zero votes but maybe I helped elected Al Franken as Minnesota’s next US Senate because without the 2-3 % of Millions of votes that Barkley did not get – their would not even be a recount.

    Jack Shepard- I will send you the other add I played during the elected if you send me an email- also said do not vote for Barkley it splits the vote and Norm with win same message said differently and different times of my Primary Campaign.

    Jack Shepard Sept. GOP US Senate Primary Candidate against Norm Coleman who received 9% state-wide

    Living and working out of

    Jack Shepard

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