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Ramsey County canvass: no more Franken votes yet

If you’re a recount junkie, one site to follow today is The Uptake. Reporter Tom Elko is on the scene at Ramsey County’s canvass.

As part of a state-mandated audit procedure that’s independent of the recount, Ramsey County officials are cracking open ballot boxes. There, they could find those legendary mismarked ballots that indicate intent for one Senate candidate or the other — probably Franken, experts surmise.

However, Elko reports that the first precinct checked had no additional votes for any Senate candidate. They’ll be looking at four more boxes (state law mandates counties audit two to five precincts, depending on size), so stay tuned.

Remember, this is still pre-recount; the ballot boxes will all be opened and contents reviewed when the real recount starts.

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