Randomness costs Coleman one vote

I almost can’t believe this is true. From the Chanhassen Villager:

Coleman lost a vote that was cast for him in Chanhassen Precinct 1 after it was discovered that there was one more ballot cast than the number of signatures provided by voters at the polling location, Engelen said. The numbers have to balance when the election results are reported. When there is a discrepancy in the number of signatures and ballots at a polling place, state statute dictates that ballots are randomly withdrawn so that the numbers are equal.

In this case, one ballot had to be randomly withdrawn. That was a Coleman vote. Franken can thank his lucky stars for that drawing.

Coleman won the Chanhassen precinct 2-to-1, so the odds were against him.

This apparently happened yesterday (though I’m unclear if the “Wednesday” they refer to was the day after election day). I think this is already reflected on the Secretary of State’s web site.

Richard Crawford’s story notes Franken also picked up a Hollywood Township vote; it was improperly inserted in the voting machine. That gave the Democrat a net Carver County gain of two.

Overall, Carver is clearly Coleman Country: he won every precinct there.

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  1. Submitted by Jason DeRusha on 11/13/2008 - 08:13 am.

    Here’s the quote from the statute: “If there is still an excess of properly marked ballots, the election judges shall replace them in the box, and one election judge, without looking, shall withdraw from the box a number of ballots equal to the excess. The withdrawn ballots shall not be counted but shall be preserved as provided in subdivision 4.”

  2. Anonymous Submitted by Anonymous on 11/13/2008 - 09:37 am.

    That’s a crazy statute.

    The odds are that it necessarily penalizes the candidate that most people voted for.

    Close enough for government work!

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