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Recount update: Coleman +238, but his challenges soar

Coleman’s lead grows by 66, but to get it, he challenged 77 more ballots than Franken.
By David Brauer

For the first time since the recount started, Norm Coleman’s margin topped his initial +215.

According to the Secretary of State’s Tuesday 8 p.m. update, Coleman has cumulatively lost 23 fewer votes than Al Franken. That takes his initial 215-vote lead to 238.

On Monday, Coleman had a 172-ballot advantage, meaning he netted 66 votes today. However, the Coleman campaign also challenged many more ballots to get there.

As of Monday, Coleman’s forces had contested 1,401 to Franken’s 1,400, a one-vote gap. Tuesday’s totals stand at 1,836 and 1,758 respectively, a 78-vote margin.

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In other words, Coleman challenged 77 more ballots today to gain his 66 votes.