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KSTP management on Mischke’s firing

KSTP exec reiterates appreciation for fired host, but can’t comment on reasons for letting him go.
By David Brauer

It’s not much, but AM1500 program director Steve Konrad sent this email response to my request for an explanation on T.D. Mischke’s firing:

You know I can not comment on personnel issues. I think my admiration and appreciation of Mischke’s talents have been well-documented over the years.

I know this to be true — again, Konrad was my boss 11 years ago — and the Hubbard family’s support of Mischke also been well-documented. They’ve held his job open after granting extended leaves as he battled depression.

And while the Hubbard empire doesn’t usually comment on personnel moves, they have been willing to say when economics is a factor. They’re not saying that now, which makes their non-explanation weirder.

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By the way, a reader reports KSTP is still running Mischke’s spots for Hub Hobby as of this morning. That’s uncool, but to AM1500’s credit, they are still allowing fans to vent on the station’s message boards.

Update: James Fallows — who gave Mischke national prominence in this 2000 Atlantic profile — writes a brief show rememberance here.