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Strib pressmen boo Harte, spurn his desserts

Are spurned Strib desserts really a bankruptcy appetizer?
By David Brauer

Really, Chris Harte? Let them eat cake?

Give the Star Tribune publisher credit for stones; even though he’s asking the paper’s Teamsters to take wage cuts of up to 42 percent, Harte showed up at the Strib’s print planting during the holiday season — and earned boos from the pressmen.

That’s according to this highly entertaining report from the Teamsters for a Democratic Union, which also notes that the blue collars refused the paper’s dessert buffet, a downscaled version of the Strib’s traditional holiday party.

According to the report, Harte was greeted by a “No concessions, no dessert” sign in the plant’s cafeteria; workers wore buttons and stickers with the same message.

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Harte has demanded workers agree to major cuts by early January or the paper will turn to court-ordered reorganization. Given the hawkish holiday quotes from Teamsters and the newsroom’s Guild leadership, the dessert buffet sounds more like a bankruptcy appetizer.