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Which Minnesotans are funding Obama’s transition?

As part of his site, President-elect Barack Obama lists donors to his transition fund. As of Nov. 15, 24 Minnesotans were among the 1,776 Americans who gave up to $5,000 apiece for the effort.

Collectively, Minnesotans have kicked in $17,175, a paltry 1.4 percent of the $1.17 million raised. Who are the individuals?

The top name on the list is no surprise: DFL poohbah and lawyer Sam Kaplan gave $5,000. He’s matched by Laurie A. Snow, listed in various Federal Elections Commission reports as a retiree or Wayzata homemaker. Snow has donated to Democrats recently (Bill Luther, Hillary Clinton, Terri Bonoff) but contributed $1,000 to George W. Bush in 1999.

Tim Mulcahy of RMC Project Management, a software maker, donated $2,500, while venture capitalist Zenas Hutcheson of Vesbridge Partners kicked in $1,000.

Two Minnesota donors gave $500, three gave $250, five gave $200, nine gave $100 and one gave $25. There are no familiar names or employer nexuses.

Harpers Magazine’s Ken Silverstein notes a Virginia-based UnitedHealth executive, Anthony Welters, gave $5,000, as did his wife and two kids, meaning the family’s total contribution ($20,000) is bigger than all Minnesotans so far.

Another Virginia UHS executive gave $5,000, while one Minnesota employee donated $100, for a company-related total of $25,100.

Update: Here’s a link to an Excel spreadsheet I created if you want to play transition geek.

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