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The amazing 1,474-megapixel Inauguration photo

I am easily distracted by shiny objects, and got completely lost this morning in the amazing Barack Obama inauguration image, above.

Doesn't look that amazing? Click on the photo; while the panorama is cool on its own, the 1,474-megapixel (1.5 gigapixel?) quality allows you to zoom in endlessly — right down to Bush's sour expression, Cheney's wheelchair, the gaggle of front-row Supreme Court justices and pretty much any other detail you want to see.

Photographer David Bergman's "how I did it" tale is here. I think broadband is helpful for this one, but not sure if it's mandatory.

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Comments (6)

uhhh...justice thomas is a lil' sleepy.

Yo Yo Ma is taking a picture with his iPhone.

Aretha's hat!

Ahh, technology. Amazing, but not perfect. Take a look at the guy two rows back from Justice Thomas (about the 10 o'clock position). Looks like his head has come apart. I did not pan the rest of the picture looking for similar anomalies, but if there is one, surely ....

The picture is amazing!!!! I see something new every time I look at it. Thank you!!!!

Too Good!!

That's an amazing picture captured indeed. It's really good to see how camera quality is increasing day by day. Technology is giving us lots of enhancing features and 1.5 gigapixel camera is one of those enormous blessings. Thanks.